Do not neglect security measures

You’d be surprised how many people to get long weekends or holidays do not dare to leave their homes for fear of thieves entering in his absence. To prevent theft at home, there are many things we can do besides hiring a warning; this is an option that can be used in conjunction with other such measures to consider when protecting your property or can also be ruled out to bring others into practice.

Some practices to prevent theft at home are obvious, others are not and when people have no misconduct often are not aware of how skilled they may be those who engage in crime.

So in this sense is worth a lot to play with appearances. For example, if you have not hired a service alarm but have no way to get a sticker that can be placed on a site that is visible from the outside as a window or wall to boast that you do have, it is a good way to prevent and avoid at home burglaries .

Windows and doors

How much more difficult is it to put burglars less likely you’ll come into your house, and they are interested in the operation as quickly as possible to avoid being seen or caught. So if you have curtains, blinds and also bars then it will really difficult to enter. Having a barred door that protects the front door is also an excellent idea.

If the windows of your modular wooden house are sliding not forget putting on additional security systems. For windows that are visible from the street, nothing better than using heavy curtains to prevent see inside; you can also resort to the installation of mirrored glass.

Thus, it will be difficult to know when people are at home.

Keep your home free of visual obstacles

Your modular wooden house is free unless you keep shrubs and trees that clog the vision; for example it is not recommended that the door to the roof has vines or large shrubs on the sides, as they would be the perfect hiding place for a burglar who waits for his owner comes home.

A positive obstacle is a wall, the higher the better, but that is not concrete plants or vines.

The statistics speak

40% of home burglaries carried out without forcing any lock or break windows or doors. This means that many people really guilty of careless and leave no sign that there may be people at home, so that at least the Vandals hesitate or desist from entering.

Therefore, when going on holiday do not forget…

  • Leave programmed with a timer lights to turn on and off alone
  • Similarly, if you have a garden, you can do with the sprinklers
  • If you have bars do not let all sealed, is better than some blinds or curtains remain something between open
  • Hire a post office box for the days you will be absent or ask someone to collect the cards for you. A clear sign that no one is at home, overstuffed mailbox is a correspondence
  • Leave old shoes at the gates of home or do not use clothes lying on the line in the garden

These are just some of many other security measures that you can implement in your home to leave quiet holiday. And you, what strategies do you use to prevent theft at home?