WordPress is, as we know, one of the most popular content managers in the world. Many pages use it and that is why cyber criminals put their sights here. In the same way that it happens with the most used operating systems, in this aspect there are also more security risks for those who use it. However, it does not have to be more dangerous to use it. As long as we follow some guidelines. That is why in this article we are going to talk about 5 interesting tips to increase the security in WordPress.

Choice of hosting

The ideal thing to increase security in WordPress is to contract directly with the hosting. Avoid, for example, external or third-party providers. As we know, many websites can be hosted in the same hosting. This means that some of these pages may have some type of infection. It agrees to think well and to inquire about the hosting that we are going to contract.


Here comes into play the update of WordPress itself, plugins that we have, theme and hosting. Only with the latest version will we be able to deal with possible recent threats that put our page at risk.

Many WordPress updates are made automatically. However, other important ones must be done manually. We cannot do without these updates, although our website does not have great relevance. Any security breach can be exploited by cyber criminals. Aspects such as hidden mining are very present today.

Plugins are another important source of malware entry. We have seen cases of some unofficial ones that have brought problems to the users. The best thing is to have them always updated, but also download them only from official sources. In this case you have to be aware and see if there is a new version.

You also have to be careful with the issues. Today we can have a very secure topic, but at some point this is not the case and Google can block it. A serious problem, without a doubt. Therefore it is convenient to have it always updated to the latest version.

Change of keys

This is a word of mouth for both WordPress and any application or service. It is convenient to change the keys periodically. In addition these must be as complex as we can. Always avoid entering proper names, dates, numbers that relate to us. It is always good to alternate letters, numbers and other characters, with uppercase and lowercase letters.

It is also important to review and modify the FTP access codes to avoid possible surprises.


It is highly recommended to make a backup periodically. This way we make sure to keep our page safe from possible problems. Saving the configuration and files is vital to restore it if necessary.

At least it is advisable to make a backup every month, but it depends on the flow of our page. The less time passes, the better. Everything to increase the security in WordPress.

Install only plugins and themes from trusted sites

This goes a bit in relation to what we talked about earlier. We always have to download plugins and themes from official sites. This way we avoid falling into possible harmful files that affect our website.

Many plugins bring built-in malware and are usually downloaded from third-party sites. You have to avoid this.

In short, the ideal is to check the web frequently. Always have all the add-ons updated and periodically change the passwords. This way we will avoid some scare that can seriously affect our page.