Are you going to ski as a family? Do you want to enjoy some unforgettable days in the mountains? Now that we are in full season, we are going to give you some safety tips so that you and yours can take all the necessary measures to avoid risks in the snow.

  1. Plan well the activities to be done and think of alternatives. Planning is essential. It is not the same to go with the children to the children’s zone of the station -which is perfectly conditioned and bounded for them- than to go off the slopes with skis or with rackets. Neither do snow, cross-country or back country skiing. You must always have a plan B in mind in case the weather or any other circumstance forces you to change plans. And it is very convenient to subscribe a ski insurance for families, to enjoy the mountain with the tranquility of feeling protected.
  2. Select the equipment and clothes well. This includes all ski or snow equipment (boards, boots, bindings and canes), which must be in perfect condition to guarantee both comfort and safety in the snow; in addition to clothes and accessories (from anorak or pants to the essential glasses, sunscreen or backpack).
  3. Equip your backpack well. Have you thought about what backpack you will wear? And what will you put in it? You should always include water and nuts, which will help you regain strength whenever you need it without having to look for a bar or restaurant on the slopes, in addition to your well-charged mobile. And, if you go with children, do not forget to bring something special for them (juices, milkshakes, and some chocolates) that will give them all the energy they need to enjoy the exercise on the mountain.
  4. Pay attention to the information signs and instructions of the station staff. It is essential to look at the posters of the stations, not only those that indicate the color of each track but those that warn of any possible risk. They are there for your safety. Read them all and you will know if there is a closed access in any area of ​​the station or what the risk of avalanches and weather forecast is. And always pay attention to any indication of the workers of the station. It’s about guaranteeing your safety, that of your family and that of all the users of the tracks.
  5. Act with caution. It is the fundamental norm in mountain, with it would override all the previous ones. Expert in safety and risk management in the mountains, explains, we must always select the activity to be carried out according to our capacity and preparation: “From the point of view of prevention, the most important aspect is planning. You must inform your family or friends of where you are going, take your mobile phone, try to go to places that have phone coverage … and bring the right clothes and equipment. “So, you know: always check the weather forecast and remember that mountain weather can change suddenly, and a sunny sky can be covered with clouds quickly and become a freezing day with a blizzard. You must be prepared for any inclemency! Inform other people of your plans and schedules so they can alert you if you are late. And keep in mind all the measures at your fingertips. Finally, if you must turn around, do it, it is better to be prudent, and repeat the experience another day!