In homes in which is installed a security system is likely that, on numerous occasions, the “false alarms” occur called. This happens especially in homes where there are children or pets. Therefore our security systems allow prevent such incidents.

The best practice to prevent the alarm system is activated by mistake is to know exactly its operation and the type of system that is installed.

Here are some of alarm systems installed in more homes regularly to meet them and to avoid “false alarms”

Cabling systems

This system is one of the most widely installed in homes as it is very comprehensive level of security measures, which implies a placement of sensors, which can cause accidental activation, especially if there are children in the home. To prevent this from happening we recommend:

  • Keep windows closed and locked to prevent accidental opening and therefore detection sensors that can make people jump alarms.
  • Prevent the control panel is activated while people are in the house, because if you leave any immediately the alarm.

Fire protection system

This safety system also has a high percentage of installation in homes and businesses, but it is one of the systems is activated more easily, to avoid:

  • Avoid large amounts of smoke in the kitchen and in the room when cooking, so it is best to use the extractor.
  • Avoid smokers, do so near the detection devices to prevent activation error.

Having a security system at home allows us to enjoy peace of mind, but avoid incidents such as false alarms, it is vital not to invest in efforts and resources when they are not really necessary, so it is best to disable the system security while we are inside the house.