Salary of an armed security guard

Armed security guards are the best paid in the non-police security industry. Normally, these guards are placed in places away from the public to determine if any unauthorized person has entered an area that is under their shelter. With this higher responsibility and the power of a weapon comes a better salary. Armed security guards can expect a 14% increase in demand for their services from 2008 to 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Wage ranges

Since June 2011, the annual salary scale for all guards, armed or unarmed, varies from US $ 16,680 to US $ 48,310 per year, according to the BLS. Armed guards tend to occupy the top 10% of that range, from US $ 39,360 to US $ 48,310. However, some armed guards, such as those in public schools, average US $ 27,980. These are national averages so a region could vary in relation to these numbers.

Salary variation by industry

Salaries vary by the type of site that requires guards. Local governments offer average or low salaries while the burgeoning betting industry pays more competitive salaries. According to the BLS, as more states legalize bets and allow casinos, jobs for armed security guards will be more available. However, as stated in the Service Guide for Security Guards, armed guards will most likely not be required in public places, so the opportunities for these guards will be limited to the closed and non-public areas of the casinos.

Variation in salaries by state

The average salaries of armed guards vary by approximately US $ 5,000. Below are some examples of average salaries by city and state since June 2011: Atlanta, Georgia, US $ 22,500; Boston, Massachusetts, US $ 27,000; Charlotte, North Carolina, US $ 22,500; Chicago, Illinois, US $ 24,500; Los Angeles, California, US $ 25,000; New York, New York, US $ 27,000; Orlando, Florida, US $ 21,000.

Professional development

One way to have job security for armed guards is to become indispensable. You can do this through professional development, especially when taking courses. This can keep you updated on new technologies and techniques, as well as industry trends and evolving standards. Armed guards must also periodically take weapons handling tests to maintain their shooting and safety scores.

Education for armed security guards

Armed security guards must be authorized to carry weapons. They must also have training in security and investigation procedures. Its certification programs are internationally accredited and its standards and guidelines are followed throughout the industry. New employees should also expect training from their employers regarding specific issues and guidelines pertinent to the site where they will be working.

Background checks and references

According to the Security Guard Service Guide, armed guards should expect to be subject to background checks, as well as fingerprint checks and criminal records. In addition, these guards must be able to provide good references and demonstrate evidence of their mental alertness, sometimes through psychological tests. The employer will also verify your licenses to carry weapons and could review your resume to contact other previous employers and detect any falsehoods.

How to check if a social security number is valid

There are many reasons why you may want to check a Social Security number. Maybe you’re a businessman looking to verify the identity of a potential employee. Maybe you’re a landlord making sure a new tenant is legitimate. Or maybe you are participating in some other type of business transaction and you need to make sure that a person is being honest with you.

The Internet is the best way to check Social Security numbers, whether you just want to make sure the number is real or make sure the number matches the correct name.


Checking social security numbers

  1. Make sure the Social Security number is possible. The social security number must have nine digits. The number must be divided into the area number (the first three digits), the group number (the fourth and fifth digits) and the serial number (the last four digits). Area numbers “000”, “666” or above 772 are not issued. There are no social security numbers with a numeric group “00” or a serial number “0000”.
  2. Write the Social Security number, accept the terms and conditions by pressing the “Yes, I accept!” and click “Search now.”
  3. Read the results SSN Validator will tell you if the social security number has been issued, the status of the issue, the approximate date of issuance and if there is a death record for that social security number.

Checking social security numbers for employers

  1. Sign up for the Social Security Number Verification Service. Use the link at the bottom of the web page to access the registration form.
    This is much easier than using verification systems by mail or Social Security phones.
  2. Log in to the site after registering and request an access and activation code.
  3. Get the activation code by mail and log in to the website to use it. Now you are ready to check the Social Security numbers of new employees or payroll databases, following the instructions that appear on the website.

Home safety tips against theft

Even if we do not see them or recognize them, the thieves are on the lookout and execute their robberies more often than we think. According to the latest Criminality Balance of the Ministry of the Interior of 2017, only in the first half of last year, there were 50,938 home burglaries throughout Spain. That is, more than 278 robberies a day. But those assaults are, in many cases, motivated by small mistakes made by tenants or owners when it comes to protecting the home. Therefore, this article is dedicated to how to improve security at home against theft, with useful tips.

Small everyday gestures

First, you should get used to include some small security gestures in your day to day, no matter how stupid they seem, these errors are more common than we think. For example, lock when you leave the house, even if it is a short exit. As any locksmith can tell you, it is extremely easy to open a door that does not have a security bolt: just pass a plastic card through the slot.

Another gesture that you must do from time to time is to check your landing, your door or your mailbox: the thieves leave marks in houses where there is a security failure, with the intention of returning later to perpetrate their crime. If you see something strange, notify the Police.

For the same reason, if you live in a community of neighbors, make sure that you only open the door of the portal to officially accredited professionals (postman, water, and electricity or gas inspectors).

How to protect my house: some tips

In addition to these small gestures commented, it will also be convenient to take some security measures for houses. For example, install an alarm, ideally with video surveillance: this can dissuade potential thieves from selecting your home to commit a robbery and, if they do, the warning of these devices can precipitate their flight. Today there is a wide variety of cameras with video surveillance even some of them are activated by perimeter detectors. This type of camera is activated automatically when someone approaches the marked perimeter.

We also recommend using quality doors and windows, as they are the ‘hot zones of any home’, where criminals usually enter. Install anti-theft windows, with double safety glass, and armored doors. In the latter case, put on a new bowler hat when you come to live in your home and change it periodically or if you suspect that it could have been forced.

But if you really want to reduce the chances of being stolen almost to the maximum, use home automation security and surveillance systems. With this new technology you can control your entire house with your own smartphone wherever you are. You can have control over what happens in your home: if there is a change in temperature, if there are lights on, if there is a small gas leak, etc. In addition, these systems allow to control even the doors, windows and blinds. So, you could get to lock up the thief and give notice to the police.

How to protect my house during my absences

And if you go on vacation, take note of these simple tips:

  • Ask a relative or trusted neighbor to come to your house from time to time to pick up correspondence, turn on lights, etc.
  • Do not leave obvious signs of absence: for example, having the same clothes hanging a long time or the blinds completely lowered.
  • Remember to watch the entire surveillance system, either the alarm or the cameras, be activated before you leave.
  • Have a security system with which you can control everything that happens in your house from your mobile devices.

How much does a security guard earn?

A security guard is that person who has been trained to provide protection, to buildings, establishments, come materials, private and / or public buildings, and the people who are in them.

Security guards functions: private security guards comply with the functions of surveillance and protection of facilities and their users, carrying out actions of checking records, review elements and tools that people enter the facilities or events, avoiding the action of criminal acts.

The security guards cooperate with the police authorities, they are obliged to make available to the authorities confiscated items and those who wanted to damage the peace of other people or for which they found items forbidden use. there are different security guards : some work in banks, schools, businesses, shopping centers etc., we can also find security guards with weapons and security guards with dogs.

What to do to be a security guard

To be a security guard requirements: if you also want to know how much a security guard earns, you should mainly know how these professionals are trained.

For all those people who want to be a security guard, whether male or female, they must meet certain requirements and procedures to follow in order to be able to exercise professionally and advance in this sector.

If ever in your life you have decided or you have raised ” I WANT TO BE A SAFETY WATCHMAN ” but you do not know nor is it clear that you need to be a security guard or how to train for a security guard.

As a security guard

First of all, the first of the steps we have to take to be able to be a security guard starts with a course in which we must overcome a series of competences and knowledge established by the Ministry of the Interior. In a few words we have to be vigilant. Exam security and earn it. And so you can also know how much a security guard earns.

The duration of this course on average of 180 hours, which as a requirement you must attend at least half in face-to-face mode. In addition to these classes, physical sessions, personal defense and shooting practices in some cases and accompaniment of security guards with dogs must be prepared.

After having finished with this. The step to follow to be a security guard, and once the diploma has been obtained, people must present themselves to carry out   tests called at the Secretary of State for Security, by means of which they will be able to obtain after having surpassed the Professional Identity Card or the TIP.

Not all people can apply to perform these tests they must first have completed the course and be qualified, they must also have an official medical certificate.

How to build a security room

Security or panic rooms have become increasingly common due to fear of raids and terrorist attacks. Some people even use these rooms as safes to store all kinds of values ​​within them. The threats are real, so it is reasonable for someone to want to build one. Here you will see how to do it on your own.


  1. Select a large room or closet that does not have windows, skylights or other openings, and, in addition, have a single door. Remove your door and the frame.
  2. Install the steel frame and door. Choose a lock that is practically impossible to break and that can be locked quickly, but keep a key or some other type of access in case a child is locked inside accidentally.
  3. Reinforce the walls, floor and ceiling with steel plates. The thickness depends on the amount of space you have and your personal preferences, its thickness will vary between two and eight inches.
  4. Place a video monitoring system to see the activity inside the house from the security room. It also includes a private telephone line and an alarm system. Connect an electrical outlet and leave a small emergency generator by hand.
  5. Supply the room with supplies: a first aid kit, a flashlight, water, non-perishable food, defensive weapons and any other element you personally need. Finally, leave a cell phone, its battery and its charger inside the room in case the lines are cut.

How to easily install a security bolt on a door

Improve the security of your home by installing a security bolt on all exterior doors, including the one between the garage or basement and the house. This is a relatively inexpensive project that you can do on your own. Not only will you improve the security of your home for yourself and your family, but you will also save money.


  1. Probably your security bolt includes a template to align it. Use it to place marks in the correct place for installation. The bolt should be centered on the doorknob, about 6 inches (15 cm) above its location and generally between 2 3/8 inches and 2 3/4 inches (6 to 6.9 cm) toward the center.
  2. Drill a 1/8 inch (3 mm) pilot hole through the center of the bolt mark and another through the center of the mark on the edge of the door. This will give the drill a place to start and maintain a straight alignment.
  3. Drill about 1 inch (2.5 cm) through the door with the drill, from the inside. Place the drill on the outside and complete the hole. This will prevent the wood from tearing at the back (there is a small bit in the center of the drill that will keep the hole aligned through the pilot hole).
  4. Place a common nail through the pilot hole that you have drilled in the edge of the door, to mark the location of the hole in the closing bracket. Use a 1 inch (2.5 cm) spade bit or 1 inch (2.5 cm) hole saw to drill a hole through the edge of the door into the space you have cut to place the bolt. Drill a 1 inch (2.5 cm) hole in the door frame, over the mark you made with the nail.
  5. Center the closing square on the hole you have cut in the door frame and mark the edge with a pencil. Make a notch with a multipurpose knife on that mark.
  6. Chisel the wood in the area of ​​the closing square, keeping the oblique edge of the chisel over the notches and hit the other end with a hammer. Remove enough material so that the closing bracket is at the same level as the door. Repeat this method for the faceplate on the edge of the door.
  7. Place the cylinder through the hole in the edge of the door. Check the exterior side and make sure any writing you have is right. Place the inner rosette plate in place and align the screw holes with the mounting holes inside the lock. Secure the mechanism in place with the long screws.
  8. Screw the face-plate over the edge of the door and the locking bracket into the frame, so that they are in place. Test the lock to make sure it operates smoothly and make the necessary adjustments.

How to find your deceased father’s Social Security number

A death in the family can be devastating, emotionally and financially. In most cases, after a person paying Social Security taxes dies, it provides benefits to the surviving family and insurance. To obtain these benefits, and for other reasons such as genealogical studies, children may need to know their father’s Social Security number after their death. The Social Security Administration can provide these numbers for people who died after 1936.


Obtain information through Social Security

  1. Get a Social Security Administration “Request for Social Security Record of a Deceased Individual” form and collect as much information about your deceased parent as possible, including your date of birth, full name, place of birth, and full names. His parents.
  2. Fill in the form “Request for registration of Social Security of the deceased individual”. Because you do not know your Social Security number, answer as many questions as you can, especially information about your father and parents.
  3. Choose if you want a photocopy or a computer extract of the Social Security Number Application. In 2011, there was a fee of US $ 29 for a photocopy and US $ 18 for a computer extract of the information, which may not include the parents of the individual and the place of birth. The certification of information, which is usually required in court cases, costs an additional US $ 10.

Other ways to obtain information

  1. Check your deceased father’s house, if possible. Look for a tax refund record, information from the Social Security Administration or some old payroll information. This information could be stored at any physical site or on your computer. You can check with other relatives who can know where you kept it.
  2. Visit the Social Security Death Index (SSDI), where you can search online for your father’s Social Security information. This service is provided to assist in the genealogical search. Fill in as much information as you can about your deceased father, including his name, dates of birth and death and his last residence.
  3. Click send and any available information will appear. Through SSDI you can also request birth and death records for a fee. The index may not have information about your father if he had a Social Security number, if his death was too recent or the Social Security Administration was not informed.


5 important tips to increase security in WordPress

WordPress is, as we know, one of the most popular content managers in the world. Many pages use it and that is why cyber criminals put their sights here. In the same way that it happens with the most used operating systems, in this aspect there are also more security risks for those who use it. However, it does not have to be more dangerous to use it. As long as we follow some guidelines. That is why in this article we are going to talk about 5 interesting tips to increase the security in WordPress.

Choice of hosting

The ideal thing to increase security in WordPress is to contract directly with the hosting. Avoid, for example, external or third-party providers. As we know, many websites can be hosted in the same hosting. This means that some of these pages may have some type of infection. It agrees to think well and to inquire about the hosting that we are going to contract.


Here comes into play the update of WordPress itself, plugins that we have, theme and hosting. Only with the latest version will we be able to deal with possible recent threats that put our page at risk.

Many WordPress updates are made automatically. However, other important ones must be done manually. We cannot do without these updates, although our website does not have great relevance. Any security breach can be exploited by cyber criminals. Aspects such as hidden mining are very present today.

Plugins are another important source of malware entry. We have seen cases of some unofficial ones that have brought problems to the users. The best thing is to have them always updated, but also download them only from official sources. In this case you have to be aware and see if there is a new version.

You also have to be careful with the issues. Today we can have a very secure topic, but at some point this is not the case and Google can block it. A serious problem, without a doubt. Therefore it is convenient to have it always updated to the latest version.

Change of keys

This is a word of mouth for both WordPress and any application or service. It is convenient to change the keys periodically. In addition these must be as complex as we can. Always avoid entering proper names, dates, numbers that relate to us. It is always good to alternate letters, numbers and other characters, with uppercase and lowercase letters.

It is also important to review and modify the FTP access codes to avoid possible surprises.


It is highly recommended to make a backup periodically. This way we make sure to keep our page safe from possible problems. Saving the configuration and files is vital to restore it if necessary.

At least it is advisable to make a backup every month, but it depends on the flow of our page. The less time passes, the better. Everything to increase the security in WordPress.

Install only plugins and themes from trusted sites

This goes a bit in relation to what we talked about earlier. We always have to download plugins and themes from official sites. This way we avoid falling into possible harmful files that affect our website.

Many plugins bring built-in malware and are usually downloaded from third-party sites. You have to avoid this.

In short, the ideal is to check the web frequently. Always have all the add-ons updated and periodically change the passwords. This way we will avoid some scare that can seriously affect our page.

5 safety tips for family skiing

Are you going to ski as a family? Do you want to enjoy some unforgettable days in the mountains? Now that we are in full season, we are going to give you some safety tips so that you and yours can take all the necessary measures to avoid risks in the snow.

  1. Plan well the activities to be done and think of alternatives. Planning is essential. It is not the same to go with the children to the children’s zone of the station -which is perfectly conditioned and bounded for them- than to go off the slopes with skis or with rackets. Neither do snow, cross-country or back country skiing. You must always have a plan B in mind in case the weather or any other circumstance forces you to change plans. And it is very convenient to subscribe a ski insurance for families, to enjoy the mountain with the tranquility of feeling protected.
  2. Select the equipment and clothes well. This includes all ski or snow equipment (boards, boots, bindings and canes), which must be in perfect condition to guarantee both comfort and safety in the snow; in addition to clothes and accessories (from anorak or pants to the essential glasses, sunscreen or backpack).
  3. Equip your backpack well. Have you thought about what backpack you will wear? And what will you put in it? You should always include water and nuts, which will help you regain strength whenever you need it without having to look for a bar or restaurant on the slopes, in addition to your well-charged mobile. And, if you go with children, do not forget to bring something special for them (juices, milkshakes, and some chocolates) that will give them all the energy they need to enjoy the exercise on the mountain.
  4. Pay attention to the information signs and instructions of the station staff. It is essential to look at the posters of the stations, not only those that indicate the color of each track but those that warn of any possible risk. They are there for your safety. Read them all and you will know if there is a closed access in any area of ​​the station or what the risk of avalanches and weather forecast is. And always pay attention to any indication of the workers of the station. It’s about guaranteeing your safety, that of your family and that of all the users of the tracks.
  5. Act with caution. It is the fundamental norm in mountain, with it would override all the previous ones. Expert in safety and risk management in the mountains, explains, we must always select the activity to be carried out according to our capacity and preparation: “From the point of view of prevention, the most important aspect is planning. You must inform your family or friends of where you are going, take your mobile phone, try to go to places that have phone coverage … and bring the right clothes and equipment. “So, you know: always check the weather forecast and remember that mountain weather can change suddenly, and a sunny sky can be covered with clouds quickly and become a freezing day with a blizzard. You must be prepared for any inclemency! Inform other people of your plans and schedules so they can alert you if you are late. And keep in mind all the measures at your fingertips. Finally, if you must turn around, do it, it is better to be prudent, and repeat the experience another day!

Safety tips for traveling women

When making the decision to leave the comfort zone and embark on the adventure of knowing new places and cultures, there are many feelings and challenges to face. In the case of women, there is also the risk of being victims of insecurity or feeling unprotected in societies that are too conservative. For these reasons and many more it is important to take some precautions to be able to enjoy the experience and avoid uncomfortable or unpleasant situations.

Here are some tips and ideas so you can be more relaxed and safe on your trip:

Share your itinerary

When the same trip has multiple destinations it is advisable to ensure that people of confidence are always aware of the internal transfers. Far from restricting freedom, the fact that someone knows the itinerary provides more security and confidence. For this you can send a message, an email or make a call informing which will be the next place to discover or what tourist activities will take place each day. There are many tools that will allow you to stay connected.

Trust your intuition

When in doubt, it is better to be cautious in situations that may seem risky. It is important to choose the appropriate means of transport taking into account the context and the route to be taken. At night and in an unknown place it is better to travel by taxi, although this implies a greater expense. It is possible to consult hotel managers or locals what is the best way to travel to a new destination. Trusting yourself is the most successful if something comes to generate fear, a bad feeling or insecurity. There is always time to retire from a place that bothers and avoid any altercation.

Have travel insurance

There are many incidents that can arise during a trip and hiring the right insurance can provide valuable solutions. A policy covers problems with luggage, health and even the loss of a flight. Having insurance without doubts will save you time, money and many discomforts. Hiring this service minimizes the effects of a setback to continue enjoying the travel experience.

Buy a tourist package

If you plan to travel alone for the first time, an excellent idea is to opt for a travel package. On the one hand, transfers and even excursions it is much easier to organize. On the other hand, when traveling alone, you have a backup in case of unexpected events and as if this were not enough, you can get to know new friends with whom you will surely share some of the excursions.

Caring for your belongings

Traveling is a time of distraction and full enjoyment, but you must be cautious and prevent that distraction from becoming a significant loss. When moving, it is inevitable to take some valuables such as money, cards, documents, cameras or cell phones. For this reason it is important to take some measures to safeguard them, such as: checking that the lodgings have safe deposit boxes, digitizing your documents, using padlocks for luggage, going out with the necessary things and never losing sight of your belongings.