Even if we do not see them or recognize them, the thieves are on the lookout and execute their robberies more often than we think. According to the latest Criminality Balance of the Ministry of the Interior of 2017, only in the first half of last year, there were 50,938 home burglaries throughout Spain. That is, more than 278 robberies a day. But those assaults are, in many cases, motivated by small mistakes made by tenants or owners when it comes to protecting the home. Therefore, this article is dedicated to how to improve security at home against theft, with useful tips.

Small everyday gestures

First, you should get used to include some small security gestures in your day to day, no matter how stupid they seem, these errors are more common than we think. For example, lock when you leave the house, even if it is a short exit. As any locksmith can tell you, it is extremely easy to open a door that does not have a security bolt: just pass a plastic card through the slot.

Another gesture that you must do from time to time is to check your landing, your door or your mailbox: the thieves leave marks in houses where there is a security failure, with the intention of returning later to perpetrate their crime. If you see something strange, notify the Police.

For the same reason, if you live in a community of neighbors, make sure that you only open the door of the portal to officially accredited professionals (postman, water, and electricity or gas inspectors).

How to protect my house: some tips

In addition to these small gestures commented, it will also be convenient to take some security measures for houses. For example, install an alarm, ideally with video surveillance: this can dissuade potential thieves from selecting your home to commit a robbery and, if they do, the warning of these devices can precipitate their flight. Today there is a wide variety of cameras with video surveillance even some of them are activated by perimeter detectors. This type of camera is activated automatically when someone approaches the marked perimeter.

We also recommend using quality doors and windows, as they are the ‘hot zones of any home’, where criminals usually enter. Install anti-theft windows, with double safety glass, and armored doors. In the latter case, put on a new bowler hat when you come to live in your home and change it periodically or if you suspect that it could have been forced.

But if you really want to reduce the chances of being stolen almost to the maximum, use home automation security and surveillance systems. With this new technology you can control your entire house with your own smartphone wherever you are. You can have control over what happens in your home: if there is a change in temperature, if there are lights on, if there is a small gas leak, etc. In addition, these systems allow to control even the doors, windows and blinds. So, you could get to lock up the thief and give notice to the police.

How to protect my house during my absences

And if you go on vacation, take note of these simple tips:

  • Ask a relative or trusted neighbor to come to your house from time to time to pick up correspondence, turn on lights, etc.
  • Do not leave obvious signs of absence: for example, having the same clothes hanging a long time or the blinds completely lowered.
  • Remember to watch the entire surveillance system, either the alarm or the cameras, be activated before you leave.
  • Have a security system with which you can control everything that happens in your house from your mobile devices.