The automation concept refers to the automation and control (power on / off, open / close and regular) of home systems such as lighting, air conditioning, shutters, doors, awnings, irrigation, sink, appliances.

Home automation is closely linked with the notions of comfort, safety, energy saving and optimizing communications quality of life.


  • Regulated lighting scenes: with this system the user can create scenes default setting for the occasion: dinner with friends, relax, colloquial, screening, cleaning etc.
  • Ignitions / automatic off, remote control, Internet, phone, touch screen etc.: From a button you can achieve the desired power down circuits (I’ll order) and / or on the general / intermittent (control panic)


  • Simulation of presence (in the absence of inhabitants for scheduling and calendar takes off and fired home lighting, closing blinds and openings, on-off appliances etc. Generating the feeling of presence)
  • Lighting paths (with vehicular traffic, is activated by a remote control exterior and interior lighting up a neuralgic point of the house involving the opening of doors and / or gates)
  • Interconnection with alarm system intrusion (with the performance of alarm “control panic” is activated referring to the flashing light switching as well as closing blinds. If the user from having remote control of the events the home sent a text message alert announcing the numbers assigned.

Energy savings:

On / off lighting according to solar incidence, control heating / air conditioning.


Allows permanent monitoring of housing through remote controls such as use of telephone, SMS or internet and can execute the desired commands or receive any information from it, egg drive alarm on heating, activating presence simulation , others.

This system is characterized by flexible electrical installation and operation control adapting to the needs of the inhabitants of the house.

This technology was developed by the company Niko from Belgium with over 15,000 projects across Europe.