Honeywell announced the release of security panels and Sucre Box, which offer greater integration with other systems, including Honeywell thermostats eve home through the mobile App Total Connect Comfort International (CITT) Honeywell. The new security panels are attached to the range which includes cloud services Cloud Services Honeywell and the first self-managed security system via radio the end user, Le Sucre.

Le Sucre along with cloud services Cloud Services Honeywell offers a complete solution for remote control and management by the end user, which is integrated into the home environment and can be installed anywhere in the home. When an alarm or by a motion detector, smoke detector alarm or concentration of carbon monoxide, the owner receives an email or a text message, which gives the peace of mind is activated that housing is protected, regardless of how far it is.

The new panel Sucre Box connects directly to your home router using an Ethernet IP connection. For cases in which the Internet is unreliable or no risk of cutting the power supply, model Sucre Box + includes a GPRS module with SIM card that allows to have a backup route.

Sucre Box App is compatible with mobile Total Connect Comfort International. The intuitive App allows users to control your security system Sucre Box remotely arm or disarm the system and verify alarms received by the cloud services Cloud Services Honeywell; for example, if a motion detector with built-in camera is activated, Sucre Box will record the images, transfer and store them safely in the cloud Honeywell.

Users can access saved images from a Smartphone or Tablet App by mobile devices, wherever they are, so we can verify the cause of the activation of the detector. Also, if necessary, you can request more images in real time for peace of mind.