A security guard is that person who has been trained to provide protection, to buildings, establishments, come materials, private and / or public buildings, and the people who are in them.

Security guards functions: private security guards comply with the functions of surveillance and protection of facilities and their users, carrying out actions of checking records, review elements and tools that people enter the facilities or events, avoiding the action of criminal acts.

The security guards cooperate with the police authorities, they are obliged to make available to the authorities confiscated items and those who wanted to damage the peace of other people or for which they found items forbidden use. there are different security guards : some work in banks, schools, businesses, shopping centers etc., we can also find security guards with weapons and security guards with dogs.

What to do to be a security guard

To be a security guard requirements: if you also want to know how much a security guard earns, you should mainly know how these professionals are trained.

For all those people who want to be a security guard, whether male or female, they must meet certain requirements and procedures to follow in order to be able to exercise professionally and advance in this sector.

If ever in your life you have decided or you have raised ” I WANT TO BE A SAFETY WATCHMAN ” but you do not know nor is it clear that you need to be a security guard or how to train for a security guard.

As a security guard

First of all, the first of the steps we have to take to be able to be a security guard starts with a course in which we must overcome a series of competences and knowledge established by the Ministry of the Interior. In a few words we have to be vigilant. Exam security and earn it. And so you can also know how much a security guard earns.

The duration of this course on average of 180 hours, which as a requirement you must attend at least half in face-to-face mode. In addition to these classes, physical sessions, personal defense and shooting practices in some cases and accompaniment of security guards with dogs must be prepared.

After having finished with this. The step to follow to be a security guard, and once the diploma has been obtained, people must present themselves to carry out   tests called at the Secretary of State for Security, by means of which they will be able to obtain after having surpassed the Professional Identity Card or the TIP.

Not all people can apply to perform these tests they must first have completed the course and be qualified, they must also have an official medical certificate.