You have traveled with the family to spend a quiet weekend on the coast. What are you having a great time, until….? A call to your phone notifies you that the alarm has balance at home. What to do? You say it’s nothing. Surely a false alarm, caused by wind or a bird. You would repeat several times and now it seems that managed to control the hysteria.

But soon comes the doubt. The false alarms are a headache. But I assure you that headache is preventable. How to avoid false alarms.

Good system: the first step is the selection of the alarm system. This step is probably the most crucial of all. As in other products you have to find the balance between systems “luxury” the price is too high (actually pose an unnecessary expense) and systems “low-cost” in the short term it’s a bad bargain. Do not buy your alarm system at the supermarket.

What system: Naturally I cannot advise that system installed because I do not know the house, the environment, needs or budget (beware those who pretend to). That’s right: I offer two general advice when determining the type of alarm system and choose its elements.

  1. Cabling systems are much more reliable than wireless. Work, endure longer, they are more immune to false alarms and are much more complicated to handle. If you have the possibility install an alarm system wiring.
  2. Do not put more than necessary. The system has to be compact. A few well – placed elements and nothing else.

An alarm system is installed by an installer. I recently read the following statistics: an alarm system installed by the owner of the house produces an average of 1 false alarm per week, while those installed by professional systems produce a medium 1 false alarm per year. (it comes to interior systems). Beyond the correct placement of the detectors (a task that requires knowledge) the installer will advise on the choice of system, its quality and will offer.

Protection outside. The detection elements outside provide another level of security. Early detection before the potential thief something even touch is an important advantage, especially at home and chalets. However, the task of detecting the outside is rather complicated. The environment creates many changes in light and temperature. Is more movement of animals, birds and vegetation create a “living” and dynamic environment. Therefore the detectors are placed outside – whether they be infrared must be of high quality and high performance.

System maintenance: for an alarm system to work properly and time must pay close attention to maintenance. It is not a lot of work. Simply check operation 2 times a month. And a month review system components once. Check is not physically damaged or dirty.

Alarm verification through images. Install to a medium that allows verification of the alarm. The safest and most recommended is verification by image. Mainly there are two methods:

  • Alarm system with detectors built camera photos.
  • A video surveillance system that allows remote viewing of the cameras via the mobile phone.

That means increase the price of the system but its contribution to the level of security is indisputable.