Security or panic rooms have become increasingly common due to fear of raids and terrorist attacks. Some people even use these rooms as safes to store all kinds of values ​​within them. The threats are real, so it is reasonable for someone to want to build one. Here you will see how to do it on your own.


  1. Select a large room or closet that does not have windows, skylights or other openings, and, in addition, have a single door. Remove your door and the frame.
  2. Install the steel frame and door. Choose a lock that is practically impossible to break and that can be locked quickly, but keep a key or some other type of access in case a child is locked inside accidentally.
  3. Reinforce the walls, floor and ceiling with steel plates. The thickness depends on the amount of space you have and your personal preferences, its thickness will vary between two and eight inches.
  4. Place a video monitoring system to see the activity inside the house from the security room. It also includes a private telephone line and an alarm system. Connect an electrical outlet and leave a small emergency generator by hand.
  5. Supply the room with supplies: a first aid kit, a flashlight, water, non-perishable food, defensive weapons and any other element you personally need. Finally, leave a cell phone, its battery and its charger inside the room in case the lines are cut.