There are many reasons why you may want to check a Social Security number. Maybe you’re a businessman looking to verify the identity of a potential employee. Maybe you’re a landlord making sure a new tenant is legitimate. Or maybe you are participating in some other type of business transaction and you need to make sure that a person is being honest with you.

The Internet is the best way to check Social Security numbers, whether you just want to make sure the number is real or make sure the number matches the correct name.


Checking social security numbers

  1. Make sure the Social Security number is possible. The social security number must have nine digits. The number must be divided into the area number (the first three digits), the group number (the fourth and fifth digits) and the serial number (the last four digits). Area numbers “000”, “666” or above 772 are not issued. There are no social security numbers with a numeric group “00” or a serial number “0000”.
  2. Write the Social Security number, accept the terms and conditions by pressing the “Yes, I accept!” and click “Search now.”
  3. Read the results SSN Validator will tell you if the social security number has been issued, the status of the issue, the approximate date of issuance and if there is a death record for that social security number.

Checking social security numbers for employers

  1. Sign up for the Social Security Number Verification Service. Use the link at the bottom of the web page to access the registration form.
    This is much easier than using verification systems by mail or Social Security phones.
  2. Log in to the site after registering and request an access and activation code.
  3. Get the activation code by mail and log in to the website to use it. Now you are ready to check the Social Security numbers of new employees or payroll databases, following the instructions that appear on the website.