A death in the family can be devastating, emotionally and financially. In most cases, after a person paying Social Security taxes dies, it provides benefits to the surviving family and insurance. To obtain these benefits, and for other reasons such as genealogical studies, children may need to know their father’s Social Security number after their death. The Social Security Administration can provide these numbers for people who died after 1936.


Obtain information through Social Security

  1. Get a Social Security Administration “Request for Social Security Record of a Deceased Individual” form and collect as much information about your deceased parent as possible, including your date of birth, full name, place of birth, and full names. His parents.
  2. Fill in the form “Request for registration of Social Security of the deceased individual”. Because you do not know your Social Security number, answer as many questions as you can, especially information about your father and parents.
  3. Choose if you want a photocopy or a computer extract of the Social Security Number Application. In 2011, there was a fee of US $ 29 for a photocopy and US $ 18 for a computer extract of the information, which may not include the parents of the individual and the place of birth. The certification of information, which is usually required in court cases, costs an additional US $ 10.

Other ways to obtain information

  1. Check your deceased father’s house, if possible. Look for a tax refund record, information from the Social Security Administration or some old payroll information. This information could be stored at any physical site or on your computer. You can check with other relatives who can know where you kept it.
  2. Visit the Social Security Death Index (SSDI), where you can search online for your father’s Social Security information. This service is provided to assist in the genealogical search. Fill in as much information as you can about your deceased father, including his name, dates of birth and death and his last residence.
  3. Click send and any available information will appear. Through SSDI you can also request birth and death records for a fee. The index may not have information about your father if he had a Social Security number, if his death was too recent or the Social Security Administration was not informed.