A safety lock bolt is a good way to add protection to your home. Installing a security lock is not particularly difficult, but if you are not careful with your measurements, you may end up having to drill some additional holes that may look bad on your doorstep.

This project will install deadbolt assembly along with the plate containing the deadbolt mechanism in place. After the deadbolt installed, you must install the strike plate on the door frame.


  1. Determine where you would like to have the bolt assembly installed on your door and make a mark at that point with a pencil marking.
  2. Remove the template installation bolt kit and place it on the door according to the manufacturer’s instructions. There will be a mark on the template must be aligned with the mark made ​​on the door in order to lock installed exactly where you want it.
  3. Using drill sizes in the template, drill holes as shown, but do not remove the template yet.
  4. Drill the hole in the door lock with a deadbolt of the auger. The size of the drill is necessary it will be highlighted by the installation kit.
  5. Make a hole in the latch side of the door with a drill bit. The size indicated in the template. Continue drilling until the drill bit emerges through the side of the drill hole bigger than you just drilled for the bolt assembly.
  6. Use a router bit to follow the contour of the closing plate on the side of the door.
  7. Remove the template.
  8. Use a wood chisel and a hammer for chiseling plate closing area on the side door at a depth that is equal to thickness of the sealing plate. Be careful not to damage the door.
  9. Install the closure plate on the side of the door with the screws that come with the kit lock.
  10. Install the bolt on the door and the latch assembly.

Tips & Warnings: 

  • Be careful when using power tools and hand cutting tools.
  • You should wear goggles and gloves when doing this project.