How to protect a house with burglar proof windows. The windows give character and light to your home, but can also be your biggest security risk. Burglars and intruders look through your windows to determine if you’ll be his next target and often use these windows as the entry point to your home. Ask your burglar proof windows can be achieved either by ensuring your existing windows or replacing windows with a product update.


Ensure existing windows

  1. Secures sash windows by inserting a screw wrench through the window or replacing your current insurance with a lever locked.
  2. Install screws on the top rails of the sliding windows. The window should just move the screw as it moves, so there is no space for the window and shimmy it out of its rails. You can also install a key lock for added security.
  3. Remove the operating handle casement windows. For safety, install a key lock on the rail of the sheet.
  4. Make lockable latches that slide into the basement windows, if you do not have latches.

Replace existing windows

  1. Replace existing windows laminated glass windows. The intruders have difficulty breaking laminated glass due to the extra security layer of plastic or vinyl is sandwiched between the glass sheets.
  2. Consider using tempered glass to replace your windows. Tempered glass is up to 5 times stronger than normal glass, making it difficult for thieves to break it.
  3. Use glass wiring in the basement or less visible windows. The cables are visible, so it is an option less optimal for intruders.
  4. Install railings fixed with mortar to the foundation of your home for greater safety in high crime areas.

Tips and Warnings

  • Make sure at least one window in each bedroom, on the first and second floor, accessible as an emergency exit.