Increase in summer burglaries in homes. Many citizens are, returning from holiday; with the door of his house and forced prove that your valuables are gone. This not only causes economic loss, but also great emotional harm. Want a home burglar proof? Read: we review the measures to be taken to protect the home.

Unfortunately, burglaries are very common nowadays … and more during the absences of the owners.

But the fact remains that it is perfectly possible to get a home protected against theft by combining deterrents, mechanical and electronic security systems. Of course, every house is different and, therefore, security measures must be designed for the characteristics of each property.

As a first step : put in place of the thief, home runs to detect weaknesses , especially access, strengthen them and try to prevent or delay the entry of intruders.

Caution and common sense: the best protection

When leaving home should not forget doors or windows open, and completely turn the key to secure the lock perform its function.

Never “hide” the key on the outside (under the mat, vases, etc. . .), Better let a copy to someone you trust.

Do not open the door to strangers. Beware of technical services that occur without warning and, before opening the door, always use “filters “as the intercom, the sight or the safety chain.

If you are away for an expected time, make sure to leave all tightly closed access.

Be discreet when discussing the absence and asks you to be as yours: avoids giving details on social networks or comment people you know little. However, it is a good idea to notify nearby neighbors who will not be at home to see if they suspect any unusual movement.

Take steps to give the impression that the house is occupied (eg , ask someone you trust to empty the mailbox or better yet , install an electronic controller to activate at certain times some lights, TV , etc. . And it looks like someone).

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