For systems installed auto and auto supervised, we bought and tried 3 of the best security systems for the home that can currently find on the market, with brands such as; Piper, Viper Home and Smart Alarm. This will take you step by step through the facilities, ease of use, and cost monitoring methods, to help you choose the best security system for your current life. all you must do now is read this article and decide which to buy.

Piper Alarm

With a 105 decibel alarm, Piper certainly does not sing like a bird. This set comes with a security camera HD, and 2 accessories compatible with Z-Wave: an intelligent switch lights and a sensor for door / window. Piper camera comes in white or black, but the other accessories are only available in white. The design is sleek and compact camera, and other accessories are small and unobtrusive; they also come with a sturdy support.

Installation, it took about 20 minutes with the quick start and easy to follow, and once installation is complete, a robotic voice filled the room saying, “Piper is ready”. Piper downloaded the app on our iPhone 6 (there is also an Android app), and after entering some basic information, Piper was connected to network, and analyzes and updates the software alone. The only setback was the installation of Smart Outlet, which took several tries until we realized that the button is needed to turn on this within the sensor housing.

Piper then we put to work. We loved it when Piper detects a loud sound or movement and we communicate through calls, text message and email. We could also see video footage of Piper through the implementation and monitoring of the levels of temperature, humidity, noise and activity of our home. There were, however, 10-second delay from when the alarm was activated Piper until they receive notifications. While Piper 1080p video is not clear, it works and it is difficult to hide from the wide-angle lens 180 degrees (we tried). In addition, we have had problems installing the sensors on the windows and had to move a bit to recognize them and Piper read.

Overall, despite some setbacks in the installation, we think that Piper does a great job in home security. We love how Piper can support other Z-Wave devices and we also like that there are no hidden fees or monitoring costs. (By the use of the application for iPhone and Android). Piper is currently available in countries of the US, Canada and the European Union.

The Viper Home system was full of surprises, some more welcome than others. We bought a 4-piece set for $ 159.99 on Amazon dollars; including a smart center, motion detector, and a sensor window and door. By proceeding with the installation, we got the first surprise, no siren included in the kit; we had to buy separately for $ 50 extra dollars. We would have preferred to pay more for the initial kit instead of making another purchase. The design of the Viper was very pleasing to the eye with its compact and modern look. Their bright white accessories were the smallest of the systems we tested, with a motion detector the size of a computer mouse.

Following the quick start, we have inserted a backup battery provided in the center and then connect the hub to the Internet router using an Ethernet cable that is supplied. So we just went to the website to configure system preferences. This was our second surprise despite its website without advertising costs, we had to pay a monthly fee required of US $ 9.99 to use the system. The rest of the configuration is kept simple and easy.

We have now tested the system and have not realized the following situations, pressing the panic button, we waited for the noise of the siren, which did not happen, instead sending notifications to contacts which we call in case of emergency. Well, it’s supposed to do that, the problem was not sent any, since the application was falling each time the system was trying to send a notification. And why talk of notifications by mail, these came 15 hours after the alarm is activated, not exactly useful in case of an emergency.

Our conclusion? While there are a lot of drawbacks as mentioned above; there are some good points for Viper. The alarm is very loud when activated, the motion detector has alerts for sabotage and reach 40 feet surpassed all other systems we tested; and the application allows the Z-Wave compatible and integrated with its product line of vehicle safety. In short, Viper has potential, but needs some work before deciding to buy it. It is the only system we tested that was available worldwide.

Like its name, the Smart Alarm reminded us of Apple’s iPod with its white and streamlined look. We bought a set of 8 pieces for $ 189 dollars on Amazon; which it was composed of a central alarm, 2 window sensors, 2 door sensors, a motion sensor and 2 keychain remotes. There is the option of purchasing a Premium package for $ 349 dollars, which includes a security camera, and also provide an HD camera with audio and motion detection US $ additional $ 149.

Installation was simple enough despite a small technical problem. We downloaded the application on our iPhone 6 (there is also an Android app), and then we got into the bucket and connect to our wireless router. Once launched the implementation of our phone recognizes it immediately and after some updates acknowledged the motion detector, but elsewhere we had to remove the batteries from the remote control and sensors and re-insert them in order that the application of recognize.

Then it was time to put the system to the test. We liked how we could control everything via the application or keychain; we liked the way we could personalize our settings; and we liked that the application rasterize all events. The only bad thing was that we could not customize what happened after the alarm-we were notified simultaneously via text, email and phone broke but there was no way to choose a preferred method, the other systems if they allow . Although, that is not a major drawback. The biggest drawback was the fact that there is a battery backup if the power goes out, then so does your security.

In short: Smart Alarm is a good system for the price and requires no additional monthly fees. Smart Alarm is currently available in the US, Canada and EU countries.

Before making your final purchase decision, we suggest that you check out each of these online systems and lead to a balance the pros and cons we have listed here generally of any security system evaluate it rather calmly and consciousness. If you do not mind paying monthly fees and you need professional guidance, then Viper can be a good option. While if you want to control the system itself and wants to avoid monthly fees, Piper or smart can be your best options.