When making the decision to leave the comfort zone and embark on the adventure of knowing new places and cultures, there are many feelings and challenges to face. In the case of women, there is also the risk of being victims of insecurity or feeling unprotected in societies that are too conservative. For these reasons and many more it is important to take some precautions to be able to enjoy the experience and avoid uncomfortable or unpleasant situations.

Here are some tips and ideas so you can be more relaxed and safe on your trip:

Share your itinerary

When the same trip has multiple destinations it is advisable to ensure that people of confidence are always aware of the internal transfers. Far from restricting freedom, the fact that someone knows the itinerary provides more security and confidence. For this you can send a message, an email or make a call informing which will be the next place to discover or what tourist activities will take place each day. There are many tools that will allow you to stay connected.

Trust your intuition

When in doubt, it is better to be cautious in situations that may seem risky. It is important to choose the appropriate means of transport taking into account the context and the route to be taken. At night and in an unknown place it is better to travel by taxi, although this implies a greater expense. It is possible to consult hotel managers or locals what is the best way to travel to a new destination. Trusting yourself is the most successful if something comes to generate fear, a bad feeling or insecurity. There is always time to retire from a place that bothers and avoid any altercation.

Have travel insurance

There are many incidents that can arise during a trip and hiring the right insurance can provide valuable solutions. A policy covers problems with luggage, health and even the loss of a flight. Having insurance without doubts will save you time, money and many discomforts. Hiring this service minimizes the effects of a setback to continue enjoying the travel experience.

Buy a tourist package

If you plan to travel alone for the first time, an excellent idea is to opt for a travel package. On the one hand, transfers and even excursions it is much easier to organize. On the other hand, when traveling alone, you have a backup in case of unexpected events and as if this were not enough, you can get to know new friends with whom you will surely share some of the excursions.

Caring for your belongings

Traveling is a time of distraction and full enjoyment, but you must be cautious and prevent that distraction from becoming a significant loss. When moving, it is inevitable to take some valuables such as money, cards, documents, cameras or cell phones. For this reason it is important to take some measures to safeguard them, such as: checking that the lodgings have safe deposit boxes, digitizing your documents, using padlocks for luggage, going out with the necessary things and never losing sight of your belongings.