With the arrival of the holidays comes the most awaited time of year. These days when you can finally rest and relax with your family and friends, however, there may be something to break out that tranquility, and is the massive wave of robberies that, given the imminent and massive departure of the owners of households, become the order of the day. So, here we will see some tips to keep in mind to have our home burglar proof.

Where to go first?

The most important is the gate, and it is best to have an anti-theft door. They come in many types available to suit all budgets: armored, armored and safety you. The most common in homes are armored, whose plates can be made ​​of wood, metal or alloys.

So, there are some fundamental aspects in all antitheft doors:

  • The lock that to be safe, you should have a cylinder to prevent being forced to drill and supporting a maximum weight of 500 kg. These locks are usually system ‘block on all sides’, which makes a single key with four anchors closes at once. In addition, the keys should be computed so that no copies can be made.
  • The profiles must be steel, not to be damaged with a crowbar.

Then they tested the windows

In the case of the window, if we afford a more resistant crystals, the better. Otherwise, it is best to use crystals with double layer or protective film. Also, the windows of PVC and aluminum are much more resistant.

Moreover, to further ensure the window, you can install additional closing device

In addition, especially for the most accessible windows, it is best to install the bars. When doing so, keep in mind not to leave more than 12 inches of separation between them and, in addition, it is desirable to combine horizontal with vertical bars to avoid leverage.