Did you know that Mondays have become preferred by thieves to breaking into the houses?

Why: most people start the workday and they exploit that there is nobody at home to act.

While the trend can be different because here there are many empty houses during the year, and foreign friends know the areas with higher concentrations of summer houses increasingly thefts occur in homes of all types.

Here are some safety tips to improve home safety.

Install effective and deterrent systems security.

An alarm system if possible perimeter or failing inner deters burglars. Place warning signs at the entrance and around your home.

If you’re gone be a few days away close the doors and windows

In most of the robberies we find forced locks. Be sure to lock, you better doors or windows have double or triple locking points and will take longer to force or open.

Do not post your trips or vacations in social networks

While it is gratifying to share, you may be giving a warning to thieves that your house is unprotected.

Do not stay with strangers or open the door to strangers.

If you are alone or alone simply open the portal to unknown committed not only your safety but also that of your neighbors. Avoid meeting with strangers or put them in your house, accepts only the presence of personnel or services you have requested in advance, e.g. gas reviews, technicians, etc. If possible always asks accreditation and confirms the accuracy of the information.

Do not leave valuables in sight

Do not let documentation, keys, hard drives, electronics and technology at hand, store them in a safe place and if possible take inventory and point serial numbers in case of loss can be easier to retrieve.

If you see something strange; stay alarmed

Many robberies have been avoided thanks to the cooperation of citizens, if you see a stranger around or some suspicious car, tell the police.