By far, the most popular and widespread causes of home fires is due to our carelessness, because in most cases we forget to take basic and necessary preventive measures. Solar prevention since we offer a number of tips that will be useful to avoid a risk of fire in your home:

Electrical installation:

  • Check regularly that the plugs and sockets are in good condition, because overheated or melted wires can cause a fire.
  • Watch that wall outlets.
  • Do not overload electrical installation; you could cause a short circuit.

Gas installation:

  • In suspected gas leak, do not turn on the light or use lighters.
  • When you go home a few days, close the stopcock of gas.
  • No gas bottles accumulate more than they actually need.
  • Always make legal reviews.

Use of appliances:

  • Make sure the cables are not loose, damaged or under carpets.
  • If you are ironing and call the doorbell or phone, remember to unplug.

Use of heaters:

  • Dry clothes near stoves or electric heaters are not a good idea.
  • Avoid placing the stove or furnace near furniture and curtains.

In the kitchen:

  • If garment pan, use a lid or damp cloth to turn it off but never water.
  • Prevents airflow to cook, could extinguish the flame and keep out gas.
  • Turn off the hood to the possibility that the fire may spread.


  • Never throw away cigarettes or trash, use an ashtray and empty it making sure it does not turn anything.


  • Keep candles on a solid surface, away from materials such as paper, cloth or within reach of children and pets.


  • Do not let children play with matches or lighters and inform them about the dangers.