These simple tricks are very important to keep a house becomes a target thieves. When one robs you at home is often asked how I could prevent this from recurring and, although usually care for a few weeks, usually return to their usual habits.

For this reason, there are several strategies you can take to avoid being robbed:

  • Hide valuables and run the shutters: a thief usually looks through the windows of a house to decide whether to break or not. If you see a big TV in a room or a luxury car in the garage, the chances that between increase considerably.
  • Stop the postal service: a pylon of cards is a clear sign that someone was not at home for several days. An ideal situation is to contact the post office to stop sending mail and search personally. Should also ask a neighbor to collect all the ads that marketers stop at your door.
  • Install a security system: an alarm or camera can be useful to deter a potential intruder. And, considering the great advances in technology, a package of basic protection can be cheap.
  • Do not leave a spare key in an obvious place: pots and under rocks are the first places that anyone would look. An infinitely better option is to give to a neighbor, relative or trusted friend.
  • Leave a light on: the absence of illumination indicates that a house is completely empty, so you have to create the illusion that it is busy. At least you can leave a low-energy light. The ideal option would be to create a system that lights turn on and off different parts of the house at specific times.
  • Do not advertise when you will not be home: this is common sense. Tell the world on social networks that you leave your home is practically invite thieves. These messages should be limited to networks in which one is connected only with friends and family.