It is perhaps the most anticipated time of the year. But sometimes, there is anguish in the background and wonder what happens to our homes when we leave?

Summer is the perfect time for theft. So before you hit the road, we bring you some tips to stay safe.

Turn your security system for home before traveling. If you don’t have a system, consider investing in one. In addition to helping protect your home, you can get a discount on your homeowners insurance.

Stop receiving newspapers and mailings. Nothing indicates more clearly that “homeowners are on vacation” that a lot of newspapers stacked on the stairs of his house and a mailbox full of letters and journals.

Trim trees and near doors and windows bushes. This makes it difficult for potential thieves hiding near your home.

Keep your lawn cut. Ask someone to mow, so it looks like someone is at home.

Let your neighbors know about your absence. Provide a number in where you can be reached. You could also let someone you trust with a copy of your house key.

Put lights on timers, so the lights will turn on at different times.

Put passwords on your computer. Today, the thieves do not just steal the TV. Many are prepared to enter into your computer and access your financial accounts. Before going on vacation, you can disable the automatic entry and put a password on your system for when your computer is turned on.

What to do with valuables. It is not possible or convenient, keep all valuables from home. TVs and large equipment will certainly be in place. But if we have jewelry, money, laptops and other items easy to carry, it is ideal to keep them in a safe.

Be on alert: Know your neighbors and their vehicles. If you see a stranger or an unfamiliar car suspiciously, note the number plate, communicate it to your, and in any case call the police.

Beware the unexpected: Be wary of unexpected delivery of goods, service calls (water, electricity, telephone, construction, repair, etc.)

If it is an unexpected delivery of goods, tell the person in charge to leave the package in front of your door.

If you have to sign, tell them to pass the paper underneath the door.